Preschool Age Milestone Charts (According to the Moms in Your Playgroup)

Here’s just one of the fun bits from Jen Singer’s Stop Second Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years, available ssg-preschoolnow at a bookstore near you and online.



36 months

Potty trained, even through the night and on long car trips involving the consumption of copious amounts of water (no sugar here!)

and bowel-juggling fruit.

39 months

Rides bicycle with no training wheels.

Also, qualified to train for the X-Games.

42 months

(a.k.a. 3 ½ )

Not only can speak in full sentences that are understandable to adults,

but can recite the Gettysburg Address (from memory.)

45 months

Draws Renoir replicas in spare time.

48 months

(You know, 4.)

Completes simple puzzle. Also, one thousand-piece puzzle

depicting the ocean – at night – before Grandma

could get her hands on even one piece.

51 months

Potty trains younger cousin – in one day!

54 months (4 ½ )

Has imaginary friends…who gather daily in the playroom

to try to solve Middle East peace dilemma.

57 months

Conjugates verbs correctly – in Farsi and Czech, too.

Let’s just call it 5, okay?

Aces kindergarten readiness test.

Also, New York Times crossword puzzle. (Saturday’s, even).


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  1. Natalie Mattingly

    What a cool story. I just adore the website! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Lana

    Should I be concerned, at nearly 10, my tween still has not figured out what to do about the Middle East peace dilemma and going to Baskin Robbins isn’t going to solve anything. :)

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