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  1. Randi

    When my kids were young, I was Homeroom Mom a number of times. One year, the teacher and assistant approached me and told me that although they were appreciative, a gift certificate to a nail salon that had been given to them for their birthdays was not what they REALLY wanted. They explained that they were on a tight budget and needed things for their home. The parents chipped in that year, giving them gift cards to Home Depot. I still have the beautiful note I received from the assistant telling me that she had bought a beautiful new doorknob for her front door, and how it made her think of our whole class every night when she came from work. Another year, the teacher told me that she had saved for a long time to fly to visit her family. We again chipped in and got her a certificate to the local mall. She bought herself a brand new bathing suit for her “vacation” – something just for her…It’s great when parents get together and chip in a few dollars, with the homeroom parent asking the teachers what they might enjoy and facilitating a group gift. Most teachers don’t want another mug, picture frame, etc. And a personal note given with any gift (or alone) is ALWAYS appreciated. Each year, I wrote a note to each of my children’s teachers including something that my kids loved about them or their class, or something that I cherished about them. But I definitely recommend getting together as a group and giving a mall card (or other) so the teachers can buy something that they need – a new belt, scarf, coat, handbag – something that they can get when the group gathers a few dollars per family – that they would not get if everyone buys a $5 gift on their own…just a thought..

  2. Carey

    Our PTA has started a staff gift fund. Parents pay into it in honor of various teachers and the whole staff votes on what to use it for. I know that one of the annual expenditures is the water cooler in the lounge.

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