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  1. Minnie

    Wow! I was a superhero for halloween as well, but definitely didn’t wear boots like that! I should have! I love your cape, I bought mine at

  2. ClassyMommy

    Fabulous. Now I think I need to work a lot harder on my editing and one of these days I’ll need to do a video with a costume :)n

  3. Jenn Petito

    Bravo Super Mom!! Great Job!!

  4. Carissa

    Okay my kids are sitting here and they thought you were AWESOME!! :)

  5. Colleen Hendrzak

    Hey Super Mom, can I borrow your boots, mine are in getting new heels on. I wore them out. We need a break. I have had one with Rich, But had to get sick (doing much better) to hand over my cape. You look great. Keep it up. Merry Christmas. Colleen

  6. Dawn

    I am clapping loudly, can you hear me? Well Done Super Mom and Nick!

  7. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg


    You are the best! I know for me and others we have been trying so hard not to be Super Mom. In fact, I retired my red cape many many years ago. Actually I recall telling my husband Larry that he needs to retire his cape as well.
    He’s been Atlas, holding up the world. Tough to conpete with that Dude!

    Super, take some time to smell the roses today and soon love to see you and have some bubbly!
    Take care,

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