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A Dad's Guide to His Daughter's Emoticons ;-)

Someone close to me found out that his teenage daughter was in a relationship from Facebook. It came to him on his Blackberry one morning before he’d had enough coffee to handle it. (Or perhaps wine was more in order.) Welcome to 21st century parenting. I was quick to help him out (i.e. needle him) […]

Full Disclosure: Dinner with Nintendo *SW

Getting there was like being in a video game. As I drove through rush hour traffic in Manhattan last night, I maneuvered my mini-van to avoid an opening car door here and a cyclist there. Pedestrians dashed out from behind delivery trucks, which were double-parked along the way. Taxis cut me off, and some guy […]

And on the Bongos, My Mother?

I am still recuperating from my Kiss Cancer Goodbye fundraiser and remission party held here in Kinnelon, NJ, on Friday night. (Note to my oncologist: Warn your patients not to dance barefoot at their remission parties. I still can’t feel my toes.) I’m going to extend the celebration a little longer by going to the […]

My Last Pair of Clean Underpants

I am wearing my last pair of clean underpants. It’s been that kind of week, and yet, it’s only Wednesday. I feel like I was shot out of a cannon starting at the 5th grade Halloween party and I’m still airborne. I won’t land until after my Kiss Cancer Goodbye fundraiser on Friday night. In […]

Halloween Hangover

I’d blog today, but I’m still getting over Halloween.

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