6 responses to “The Night We Kissed Cancer Goodbye”

  1. Happy Cancerversary! Today, I am 5.

    […] my left lung, the likelihood of recurrence is greatest in the first two years, which is why I had a big party/fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society three years ago. My odds of recurrence dropped dramatically that day, and yet I was still terrified it would come […]

  2. Leukemia

    Keep it up..very good

  3. Lynn Evans

    Thank you Jen for including us in such a terrific celebration of life. Your speech was very moving and it reminds one of lifes real priorities.

  4. Lana

    Thanks for posting this Jen. Watching you celebrate kissing cancer goodbye is wonderful. For someone whose life cancer has touched, this means me overjoyed. Someday, thanks to wonderful research and wonder doctors, cancer will be a mere memory.

  5. Sheila Bekker

    You are an inspiration and encouragement to all …… thank you for letting us share in your celebration ….. and for being a friend!

  6. Jackie Dishner

    Looks like the best party ever! Would have loved to have been there to celebrate with you, but it looks like you had it all covered. Great photos all.

    If I knew how to make a standing ovation with a bunch of punctuation marks and symbols, I’d give you one. But I bet you can imagine it, instead. So I’ll give you big…


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