And on the Bongos, My Mother?

I am still recuperating from my Kiss Cancer Goodbye fundraiser and remission party held here in Kinnelon, NJ, on Friday night. (Note to my oncologist: Warn your patients not to dance barefoot at their remission parties. I still can’t feel my toes.) I’m going to extend the celebration a little longer by going to the Bruce Springsteen concert with my brother tonight. So, until I sort out my thoughts and my photos, I will sum up the evening with this most spectacular photo of my mother performing live with the Flying Mueller Brothers:hommy-on-bongos1


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  1. Dawn

    Ok she is the cutest ever. I was standing next to her when they pulled her to the stage area. She look so excited!

  2. Lynn Ealer Ritchkoff

    Bobbie got her early musical start on the shores of Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY, when she competed daily for attention at Camp Otsego for Girls.

  3. Suzanne Tremblay

    Nothing surprises me with this gal. She can do it all. I know this band from LBI. Wish I had been there to share the celebration. Way to go Jen>>>>

  4. Suzie

    Oh my gosh–that looks like a blast. Can’t wait for the recap and hope I can make the next fundraiser!

  5. Jen Singer

    Thanks odd, because I’ve always called you Aunt Nancy. Hmmmm.

    Keith Perkins did not participate in the bongos or tambourines.

  6. Nancy Thauer

    She is an only child. Where are the pictures of Keith Perkins?

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