My Last Pair of Clean Underpants

I am wearing my last pair of clean underpants. It’s been that kind of week, and yet, it’s only Wednesday. I feel like I was shot out of a cannon starting at the 5th grade Halloween party and I’m still airborne. I won’t land until after my Kiss Cancer Goodbye fundraiser on Friday night.

In the mean time, I’m printing programs and tent cards, talking to bands and caterers, and trying to decide how long before the event that I’d ruin a manicure. Also, how to get 90 balloons in my mini-van. My kids had half-days this week and they’re off the next two, which means I had parent-teacher conferences and extra carpools and kids at my house. Add a make-up soccer game last night which I coached and house guests to prepare for, and, well, you can see why I’m in my last pair of clean underpants.

So, before I dash off for the soccer carpool, I’ll leave you with this story from Halloween. As you’ll recall, I went as Super Mom, and so I answered my front door in costume on Halloween night. Early in the evening, a 7th grader from down the street rang my doorbell. He was Trick-or-Treating with two friends and one friend’s little brother, who was about six.

“Hi Brian,” I said to the boy from down the street.

“How do you know his name?” the six-year-old asked.

“Because Super Mom knows all the kids’ names,” I said in my best superhero voice.

And then his brother, who has a sense of humor way beyond his years, stood behind his brother and pointed to him while mouthing, “Brandon.”

So I said, “Isn’t that right, Brandon?” Which flipped him completely out. I think his jaw is still open. And it made my weekend.


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  1. sara

    Take a good dose of tylenol…you won’t worry as much about the under pant situation. I’ll be stopping by again…I need a different source parenting tips now and again.

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