Super Mom Saves Halloween

For those who want to know, and there have been many already, I got the boots on eBay from a store where mommies probably shouldn’t be shopping, unless they’re on tonight at the Bada Bing. Just type in “Wonder Woman boots” and you’ll find them. The nice legs are courtesy of my personal trainer, Cheryl. The double chin was extra.super-mom

So when I went to the school yesterday to help run my son’s class party, I had to use the new sign-in computer that takes your photo. Sure…


Happy Halloween from


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  1. Jodi Mulholland

    I can’t stop laughing at your visitor badge photo!!!!!!!!
    AND….I was wondering where you purchased those Wonder Woman boots.
    You know what they say, “If the shoe (I mean boot) fits, wear it!!!”

    You are the BEST!!!

  2. Parent Talk Today » Blog Archive » Blog Love:

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  3. Keith Wilcox

    excellent! That’s some serious creativity. It’s like super hero meets Tennis Star meets Mom. It’s Super Mom! Yay! :-)

  4. Pat Sullivan

    Fabulous — you look great — love the boots.

  5. Denise Schipani

    I want to see what the Slacker Mom costume looks like.

  6. Kathy Sena @ Parent Talk Today

    Best. Visitor. Badge. Ever! Cracked me up.

    And baby, I’m diggin’ those boots!

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