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  1. Dawn

    Sometimes that 10 year old gets so lost in this 43 year old body I need to wake her up – Thanks for the reminder to see the wonder not the mess.

  2. Christina

    I so hear you on this. My 13 yo is on the brink–one minute playing school with her little sister and decorating the front of our house with that cob-web stuff and the next minute locking herself in the bathroom with her new hair straightener. Sighh–I guess the makeup and fussing over hair and clothing is creative too (maybe?)

  3. Kristen

    This is a great post. What a wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy children around you. I work with elementary schoolers who can be overwhelming at times but mostly just hilarious and spontaneous. Thanks for the post.

  4. Lana

    I can understand your point here. Last night, my sister and I took the kids to a local mall to go trick-or-treating. My nine year old (he will be 10 in January) insisted he was too old to go trick-or-treating or was mad at me for making him go. I am one of those moms that gets all teary-eyed when I realize my boys are growing up. I still have my 14 month old, and it will be a long ways before he tells me to go away and that I am embarassing sometimes, but I can’t help wanting those years back. They grow up too fast. In 8 to 9 years, my almost 10 year old will be away at college and then the baby will be older and not really want me around either. I’ll actually have a life of my own, and as appealing as that sounds, it makes me sad.

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