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  1. Jenna

    Ha! I remember when I really did alternate which leg to shave. Thank goodness my daughter is more patient now. ;)

  2. Keith Wilcox

    Ah, thank you for this tid-bit. You and I have been, it seems, on a similar quest against this sort of branded indoctrination. These Baby Einstein products are a total crock and they were made by people who had profits, not education, on the mind. For the same reason McDonalds (although they gotten better) doesn’t feed our kids burgers on whole wheat buns (when they very well could if they wanted to). They just squeeze the margin and slap a Ronald McDonald on it. Not really a great analogy, but I’m getting there. Oh, ok, I’ll stop now. Thanks for the info!

  3. Rosemary Rich

    Hi Jen,

    Last March the Canadian Television Network (CTV) ran a documentary on their current affairs program W-Five called The Lost Adventure of Childhood. It was excellent. It was all about the lack of play in the life of the modern child and how this is starting to adversely affect brain development. I tried to find a copy of the doc online, to no avail, because it would be something you would absolutely love to see.

    All I could track down was this article written by a journalist from the Winnipeg Free Press in Manitoba.

    Interesting stuff.

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