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  1. Jen Singer

    I hear what you’re all saying about SEO, and I agree that it’s important, but it can be a buzzkill for writers. One of the best (and funniest) takes on SEO and headlines was written by Mom-101:

    Lana, thanks for stalking me. Did you know that Oprah didn’t cut it in TV news because she would get all weepy over her stories? Like you, I have a hard time writing straight service pieces, which is why I tend to stick with blogs and voicey books. I understand the reason for editing; I’m an editor, too, here at MommaSaid. It’s more the constant “Look at me!” that’s required of bloggers that gets tiring, don’t you think? And yet, the buzz generated from this blog entry has been satisfying. Go figure.

  2. Keith Wilcox

    SEO is a vital part of reaching a bigger market. I think it’s just fine to alter a headline if the price for doing it means you’ll reach more people. Yes, it might take a away slightly from the “punch” of the article, but hey, that’s art, right. You gotta do what the patron wants and, in our case, the patron is the public :-)

  3. Lana

    I have followed (stalked) you for a couple years now (your books, Good Housekeeping and here) and what I like is that you write whatever comes to your mind. It comes from the heart so if that is not good enough for some people, well maybe they should not read what they say they don’t like or disagree with. It is your blog, you can say or write what you want. I perfer the “Sibling Smackdown” title. I get edited too, and I have to be careful that my articles aren’t similar to blogs. Sometimes, I find myself speaking from the heart which is a no-no.

  4. Karen Bannan


    This hit home for me, too. As a semi-new blogger I do think a lot about what my story will look like in 140 characters or in a FB status update. I wonder if my story will be titillating enough to get someone to RT. And I find myself looking at Google Analytics every night at 12:01 to see how my latest post has done.

    I always love reading your stuff. Thanks, as always, for making me think.


  5. julie

    I loved this post, and while I agree with most of it, I think you’re giving SEO a bad shake. When we blog, we’re writing for the internet. Otherwise, we’d be journaling. We’d be stupid not to use the tools at our disposal that allow our writing to be found. I don’t always follow this rule, particularly if I think my title is clever, but I always strive for a few well-placed keywords.

    When I want to read about sleep deprivation, or wanting to stuff your children in a closet, I’d like to be able to find those posts by searching for them. How else am I going to find them? And how am I going to find them if those keywords aren’t there?

  6. momtrolfreak

    loved this.

  7. mom101

    Boy do I love this more than you know. You hit the nail on the head.

    And gosh do I hate headlines optimized for search. In fact I wrote a headline once called “This headline has not been optimized for SEO.” Inside joke between you, me, and a few other writerly geeks.

    Although I will say I’m scared that “Dear Balloon Boy Family, You F*cking Suck” is going to do bad bad things to me in search engines. It’s not generally smart to have “boy” and “suck” in a headline together and that’s all I’ll say about that.

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