Parents TV Captures a Good (Hair) Day

On the Parents TV set with host Juli Auclair.

On the Parents TV set with host Juli Auclair.

Luckily, my husband can work from home or else I wouldn’t have made it to the set. I was scheduled to shoot a video about parenting preschoolers, based on my book, Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years, for Parents TV yesterday at noon. But at 4 a.m., I was getting my son some Motrin for his fever and headache, which had sprung up suddenly. He was going to be home from school.

So, Pete worked from home while Chris slept on the couch and I headed into Manhattan to put on makeup and talk to grown-ups, specifically the always lovely and talented Juli Auclair, a host of Parents TV.

Juli was battling her own headache and oncoming flu-like symptoms, and yet, she looked as fabulous as ever. How does she do that? I was just happy that my hair didn’t have the unshaped chemo curl mess from the last video I’d taped for them. (Yay. We captured that on video. But at least I wasn’t bald.)

As we taped the segment, answering questions on parenting preschoolers from moms around the country, I realized how lucky I am. I’m lucky to be able to work from home much of the time, and to have a husband who can do the same for the times I need to be elsewhere and a kid winds up with a sick day. I’m lucky to get to write for a living because I love it so much, and I’m lucky to get to appear on great programs like Parents TV. I’m also lucky to –KNOCK ON WOOD– not have caught whatever Juli and my son have. Finally, I was lucky to have a good hair day on video.

Pete went back to the office today, and Chris was at home again, but he’s feeling better. I worked from home, in less makeup, but with yet another good hair day. And I’m feeling lucky all over again.


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