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  1. kathleen nicholson webber

    I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t miss the exhaustion of being on my feet all day and collapsing into bed at night. I like that my teen loves Comedy Central and watches the morning news with me. He’s 14. I am thankful his brother, 10, and sister, 9, can play outside in the yard without me supervising and can help with chores. We love our weekends with soccer and nights watching a family movie. Our oldest can now babysit so my husband can get out now and again. Life is good. I could never go back to the playground.

  2. Melanie

    My daughters are ages 23 and 17 (twins), old enough to be on their own when their dad and I took a 4-day trip to Vermont. Wow. Back in the toddler-wrangling days, I would never have imagined it possible to come home to a clean house with groceries in the fridge. Love it!
    I’m also loving the many road trips I’m taking the twins on to tour colleges. We have the most delightful conversations in the car without the distraction of computers, phones and TV.

  3. Lana

    I am with you too! My older one is almost ten, but I am going to start going through this again now that the baby is walking.

  4. Denise Schipani

    I’m right with you, Jen! My boys are (almost) 5 and 7, and I like this part way better than the toddler-wrangling years. Wistfulness for babies and toddlers should be left as wistfulness — not wishfulness. I just got back from the library and was shuddering watching the moms chasing after toddlers while babies chewed books or cried in strollers. Meanwhile, my boys were playing solo on the computers while I browsed the week’s books. Awesome. Later, we’re going to lunch, then Costco.

    Though I draw the line at coaching soccer!


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