5 Things I'd Ask God For

I’ve asked for a cure for cancer so often, perhaps it’s time to lower my expecations a bit. So last night, while I laid awake thinking about life and whether or not I remembered to buy milk at the supermarket, I came up with five simpler things I’d ask God for:

  1. Middle-aged insomnia should coincide with parenting babies. That way, you’re already up, so you might as well change a diaper.
  2. People should be able to order dreams from Netflix. (Sorry, no Horror is available.)
  3. Cars should lose their old car smell, just like they lose their new car smell, preferably before I take my friends to the Springsteen concert next week.
  4. Sock dispensers.
  5. Signs from God that are actual signs (i.e. “STOP eating the Mint Milanos when you think no one’s looking.)


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  1. Susan

    Yes, the signs from God that are the whacks upside the head that are UNQUESTIONABLE!

  2. surflife

    My DH says why do we only start having kids when we deciede we are to old to stay up all night! He reckons we should have them at 19 when we can pull all nighters and still function in the morning! As for the socks I would just ask that the sock gnome living in our house just give back all the socks he has – please!

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