20 Ways Parenthood is Just Like College

I’m running around with one soccer shoe on and no lunch in my belly, so I’m going to post a MommaSaid Classic. This one first appeared in my book, 14 Hours ’til Bedtime, and has also run in American Baby. Enjoy and remember, share, share, that’s fair.



A MommaSaid.net Classic



20 Ways Parenthood is Just Like College

by Jen Singer


  1. You feel like you’re constantly being tested.
  2. Someone’s always smarter than you (or at least they think they are).
  3. Your roommates are slobs, and they steal your food.
  4. All-nighters.
  5. You get kicked out of the library for leaving behind crumbs and creating a ruckus.
  6. Keg parties and Chuck E Cheese’s parties produce the same kind of hangover.
  7. You never seem to be able to get the place to yourself.
  8. Naps.
  9. People talk to you while you’re in the shower.
  10. You hate your roommates’ music, and they hate yours.
  11. You can neither identify nor locate the source of that funky smell coming from the closet.
  12. There’s nothing in your bank account.
  13. Five a.m. is really, really early – or really, really late – depending on whether you’ve been to bed yet.
  14. Hey! How about a pizza? Again!
  15. You’re too exhausted to retain what you’re reading.
  16. Oh, now you can identify that smell:  You forgot to take that half-eaten sandwich out of the backpack yesterday.
  17. You’re wearing your college sweatshirt again today, because it’s the cleanest thing you could find.
  18. Someone always leaves a party crying.
  19. You think you’re the only one who feels clueless.
  20. It goes so fast.


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