It's September. Shoot Me from a Cannon.

file0481I’d feel more wistful if it were a nice day outside. Also, if our bag of chips didn’t look like raccoons had ripped through it.

Where I used to count down the days until school starts, I stopped doing that in recent years because frankly, I enjoy hanging out with my kids these days. Ever since I could leave them alone in a room and not return to crayon graffiti or a potty accident, motherhood has gotten easier. Also, I don’t feel like driving carpool again just yet.

September always makes me feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. And with school starting here tomorrow, I can smell the proverbial gunpowder.

There’ll be no more hanging out at the community lake, catching up on my magazines, untouched since April, and chatting with other parents while the kids fish, as we did yesterday. Instead, there will be rushing around to find shin guards, homework assignments and the car keys.

This morning, the kids packed up their backpacks, going over their supply check lists one more time. As they raced around the house, trying to find rulers, Sharpie pens and “three things that represent” them, I knew that it was time to climb into the cannon. Also, to buy more Sharpies.

So I’m glad it’s not a gorgeous summer day today, because it’ll make tomorrow’s first day of school easier to take. And I’m ready for school to start. Really. I’ve braced myself for what’s about to come…Got a match?


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  2. Susan

    You again brightened my morning with your writing……I am so glad I can share you with my moms and they can take a break from the roller coaster and have a giggle!

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