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  1. SgtMom

    I refused to pay the $6.00 for a ‘just for showing up’ trophy. My son’s soccer team lost every single game and most didn’t ‘show up’.

    I was shocked when my son’s soccer coaches presented him with an engraved trophy out of their own pocket. They said how much they appreciated his enthusiam every week, how he always believed THIS was the week they’d win. He’d made their volunteered coaching time worthwhile.

    He only has three trophies – everyone of them actually ‘earned’, but that’s the one I’m most proud of.

    He has had some terrible set backs in his life, but he always believes he’s going to win….

  2. Spoonman

    “If he agrees, then I’ve done my job. If he doesn’t, then I’ve got a lot of undoing to do before he applies for his first job, don’t I?”

    That about sums it up, doesn’t it. Regardless of if he’d gotten the trophies for winning or showing up, it’s up to you as a parent to guide your son in how it affects him. Abrogating your responsibility because someone else gave him a trophy shows how your generation typically responds: it’s not MY fault!

    And, what’s wrong with Gen-Ys wanting and expecting everything now? Your generation is happy to put on the suits and take whatever is doled out to you. This new generation actually has the balls to stand up and say “I’m not putting up with the same s–t my father did. You’re going to treat me as an individual and with some respect or I’m done.” The fact is, Gen-Y is the future. Businesses can choose to take this attitude as cocky, or take it for what it is: a cry of individualism and the end of the Mr. Scrooge mentality of management.

  3. Darcy

    I am an “old mom” of young girls. (I had one at 40 and the other at 42) so when they started playing sports I was surprised by this practice of trophies for all. Actually my first thought was “what a waste of money”. I told my girls that trophies are something you earn. Just like grades in school, be it an A or an F you earned which ever grade you got. Jen you are a wise woman and I am glad I found this website.

  4. Deb

    I couldn’t agree more! In a world where every child gets a trophy, popular sentiment has veered so far in the direction of equality, that it often fails to recognize the merit of individual achievement. Fairness exists not in treating every child as an equal; but rather praising each child’s achievements.

  5. Michelle

    SO TRUE. I have always hated the trophies that reward folks for doing, well, what they’re supposed to do. I can understand the importance of building up a child’s self confidence but by giving them trophies or other rewards without earning it is detrimental. Why work hard if everyone gets a reward anyway?

  6. Barb Freda

    Yes, yes and YES.

  7. Edie McRae

    RIGHT ON! After all, if “You’re special–just like everybody else” then that defies the meaning of the word. Last year, I made a tough choice to remove my boys from a “everybody wins” soccer league. It was hard at the time and I took TONS of flack from other “moms” about denying my kids the opportunity to just be a kids. However, I’m glad that I stuck to my guns…because I wonder if those “moms” will need stock in trophy/award companies to supply their kids with motivation for the rest of their lives! LOL

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