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  1. Janelle Mccumiskey

    Great info here on football. I cant wait till the world cup. It will be huge.

  2. admin

    Now, Kate. “Frigid” to you Southern Cal folks means below 60 degrees. And you’re still playing while I’m just dabbling, so you’re no wimp either.

    No nylons, but I do recommend a good sports bra.


  3. Kate

    I will personally vouch for Jen’s truthfulness in many of the above stories. I was there when she “retired” her college turf shoes after an alumni game. And I sat along side her in the POURING rain on a FRIGID New England afternoon for the first ever finals for the new MLS league. Jen is no wimp when it comes to soccer so I’m glad she/you wear that necklace proudly. Now, what are your thoughts on wearing nylons when playing???

  4. Dara Chadwick

    I love this post — and your mom!

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