The Unhappiest Kid at the Jersey Shore

And then little Max was never able to watch

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  1. Carrie Hughes

    Ok… been there…done that. My son has had many of these photo’s in his nearly 8 years. We had parties at the Jersey Boardwalk for the past few years… We live in Brick… It’s always a lot of fun… love your website.

    Carries Kiddie Closet

  2. admin

    He’s not mine, but when I saw this kid on that ride, it brought back memories of the time when my own kids would do the very same thing, or end up too scared of the 4th of July fireworks that we had to bail just as they began.

    Every parent could have this shot — or be in this shot as kids. I remember being so scared of a ride when I was 10 that the ride operator actually stopped it and let me off. But I think he just didn’t want me to throw up on his ride.

    Jen Singer

  3. Katrina Russo

    Awww! My son Avery’s 3rd birthday party was this weekend and I have a picture of him making almost the same face at the party on my Facebook page. I feel like a bad mom saying this, but sometimes they look adorable when they are grumpy in a photo. Of course, I don’t like the temper tantrums!

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