Oh Yeaaaaahh…Our Friend's Kool-Aid!

I remember a big party and a movie in a theater filled with nicely dressed grown-ups. And I remember getting huge boxes of swag at Christmas-time, courtesy of my father’s career.

My dad was a PR executive at a large corporation, so we kids sometimes benefited from the perks that came with his job, including a memorable visit to the cockpit of the company plane as its female pilot steered us toward the New York City skyline (back when that wasn’t a scary thing). For a year after that, I wanted to be a pilot.

When I grew up, I figured that when I left Corporate America to freelance, such perks would go away with the job. But that was before the Age of the Mom Blogger,when corporations started to woo moms who blog in ways previously reserved only for celebrities and magazine editors.

As a result, I’ve been able to share some of the perks of the job with my own kids, including a free Guitar Hero and an afternoon playing with all the latest video games by Electronic Arts.

Yesterday, though, my kids got to meet a celebrity, someone that makes grown Baby Boomers and Generation Xers break into song merely at the thought of him: 

Oh, yeaaaaaah!

Oh, yeaaaaaah!

With middle school approaching just weeks from now, this may be the last time I ever get my son to stand next to someone in a giant costume shaped like a pitcher of bug juice, let alone be photographed with it or, er, him.
Perhaps the whole thing was more exciting for me, as I’m the one who grew up on classic TV commercials like this one with theme song lyrics I still know by heart:

Glad to share the perks with my kids. Also, that the Kool-Aid guy finally bought a pair of pants for himself.

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