Flip-flops for Soup Cans. The Summer Scurry.

When I dropped by to pick up her son, I dropped off a pair of flip-flops and she gave me a bag full of soup cans.

It’s been that kind of week(s).

For the past two weeks, my neighbor, Mary, and I have been carpooling our kids — her two boys and my two sons — to religion camp. Naturally, our younger sons had camp in the morning and the older boys were at night, because having all four in camp at the same time wouldn’t be challenging enough for us seasoned moms. So Mary and I split the drive so that we generally had two trips each day, amounting to an hour on the road each.

My husband apparently knew none of this. When he (once again) passed me on the road at 6:15 on his way home from work the other night, he called me on my cell phone to ask, “Now where are you going?” I replied, “CCD and then soccer,” because I’ve been coaching my younger son’s soccer practices as well. And then off I (once again) dashed to the church and then to the soccer field and later to the church and then to Mary’s and then home again.

So by the time I traded the flip-flops Mary’s son had left at our house on Tuesday (How do you lose your shoes?) for the bag of soup cans my son was supposed to turn in at camp for the food drive two days ago, we were both a little frazzled.

“Why do we always think summer is going to be easier than the school year?” I asked. She shook her head and mumbled something about her 16-year-old’s schedule and her daughter’s swim team practice, and I decided to zip it because she has twice as many kids as I do. I shouldn’t complain around Mary.

But I haven’t gotten to any of the things I thought I’d tackle this summer, like clean out my office and organize my closets and de-clutter. I’ve been too busy, so that I’m thinking I won’t get to any of these things until school starts next month.

And then I opened the back door of my mini-van and found this:


Inside my van was a summary of my summer beyond the carpooling and soup cans and lost flip-flops: a bag with wet swimsuits and towels, raspberries from a local farm and some leftover chips, a soccer ball, two beach chairs, a beach umbrella, a sports bag with four tennis racquets and a can of balls (one missing) and a couple bottles of Champagne.

No wonder I haven’t cleaned out my office. I’ve been too busy out having fun and/or preparing to have fun.

I’ve given up on my summer to-do list. Rather, I’m putting that off until the fall when I have more time. (Ha!) Now that camp is coming to an end, we have some more fun to get to before school starts.

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