A Tantrum is Only Worth the Weight of its Audience

If a toddler throws a temper tantrum and no one is there to see it, does it count? In the case of this persistent kid, apparently not. Probably not in your house, either as toddlers are, well, I’ll let Colleen from Tuscon, Arizona, explain it, as she did in my book Stop Second Guessing Yourself — The Toddler Years:

“I wish someone had told me that it’s like having an unmedicated schizophrenic suicidal know-it-all without bladder control, on uppers 24/7.” (Page 134)

In some circles, that’s pure blasphemy. But those circles probably aren’t staring down a total meltdown in the frozen food section at the supermarket or a hairy canary in parking lots across the land. As I wrote in the book: “Living with a toddler is like being in a biker bar late on a Saturday night: you never know when all hell will break loose.”

The key to surviving the tantrum years isn’t Happy Hour, though the thought can be very appealing at times. Rather, it’s anticipation, prevention and follow-through.

Whether you’re dealing with tantrums or sleep problems or Tonka trucks stored in your fridge (It happened to my sister-in-law), I’ve got some tips for the 3 Mistakes Moms of Toddlers Make, in this video from Parents TV when I was in desperate need of a haircut and some grown-up talk:

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