Such a Nice Day. Please Don't &*@# it Up.

It read my mind.

It read my mind.

I like to think that God speaks to me through signs and songs.

For example, back in 2002 when I was riding around in my mini-van, trying to come up with a name for this web site, the Shirelles’ “Mama* Said” came on the radio.

Thank you, God.

Sometimes, God even has a sense of humor. Like when I finally convinced myself after decades of pelvic pain from endometriosis to undergo a hysterectomy, I spotted a bumper sticker that read: “Save the Uterus!” And I haven’t seen it since.

Very funny, God.

So, it came as no surprise to me yesterday when I ran across a bumper sticker that pretty much summed up what I was feeling at the time: 

Such a nice day. Please don’t &*@# it up.

I was strolling through a parking lot with a giant (overpriced) green tea latte, soaking in the sun and pondering the mess that was June.

June 2009, the month when my son suffered an eye injury that required him not to do anything but watch TV (and tell me how bored he was watching TV).

June, when we came ever so close to picking out eye surgeons, and when we missed the Father’s Day picnic at my parents’ house because of doctor’s orders.

June, when I foolishly agreed to make up a Jeopardy game for the 5th grade end-of-year party using the “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” web site and a tenuous knowledge of math.

June, when my mother was ill, my husband worked late and the rain fell 28 out of 30 days.

I took a swig of my latte and as I pulled the cup back down, the bumper sticker on the back of a white Dodge Neon came into focus:

Such a nice day. Please don’t &*@# it up.

And then I looked up to the sky and said, “Amen, God….oh, and about that ‘Save the Uterus’ bumper sticker…”

*Some garage band had the URL with the Mama spelling, so I went with Momma. They’re gone, but I’m still here.

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  1. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg

    Love your blog Jen. Feel better and make a trip to the beach with your honey.

  2. Arden Greenspan-Goldberg

    Yes, sometimes it does feel like a bit much. I always try to remember it really is darkest before the dawn. The rain, yea crazy how much. So nice today that the SUN came out for a visit. We had the best day today on a windy partially cloudy sunny beach called Silver Lake in New Jersey. It was chilly but the wonderful smell of the sea, seagulls and the incredible movement of the waves was so calming.
    When the world gets to be too much with us a trip to the beach is in order for me and for anybody. It’s the greatest gift God has given us. It is the best healer.
    It’s like saying to the ocean, “take al of my anxiety away and heal me now. AHHHHHHHHH.
    Follow it up with some amazing Italian food, which me and my husband did, at Giamano’s in Bradley Beach and Double Ahhhhhhhh!

    Hopefully July will be sunnier insider and out for all of us!

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