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The More Things Change…

Alltoo often we wind up playing soccer together in my backyard or challenging each other to “find the Oompa Loompa” in the fine restaurant where we were dining

Wrestlemania at the Dead Center of Summer

We are half-way through the summer, almost exactly to the hour. To celebrate, I am yelling at my kids.

A Tantrum is Only Worth the Weight of its Audience

“Living with a toddler is like being in a biker bar late on a Saturday night: you never know when all hell will break loose.”

3 Signs We've Reached the Squishy Center of Summer


Creativity Plus Fun in the Sun…You Do the Math.

But art isn’t on any standardized tests, which is, perhaps, why you never hear anyone worrying about the Summer Art Drain.

What's That Smell? The Smell of Beach Vacations Past.

I blame it on my vacation buzz. Though we’d been home for 24 hours, I was still feeling and acting like I was on vacation. Which is how I found myself on a Monday afternoon in the back of a nearly empty Hallmark store not far from my house, sniffing candles. I mean, who does […]

Wow. We're Up Higher than the Statue of Liberty.

It would have been helpful to think holy $#@! before I found myself hanging from a parasail over increasingly choppy waters with my 12-year-old son next to me.

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