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A Dino-Mite Father's Day

Mulch pile or scene from Jurassic Park?

Keep on Truckin'

We spotted this toy dump truck strapped to a flat bed 18-wheeler. Somebody’s getting a treat from Daddy.

Cheers to the Unsung Heroes of Parenthood

There were too many patients for just one doctor, and not enough distractions for the three-year-old with the Bionicle book. But my hero would save the day.

10 Signs You've Been Spending Too Much Time in Doctors' Offices

Here’s how you know you’ve spent too much time in doctors’ offices:

Sick Day #2: Haagen Dazs and Speed Racer

When we grown-ups take “sick days,” all too often we spend them checking doing all the stuff we normally do, only more slowly and with wads of tissues in our pockets.

ER has moved to Sunday nights

I could write a Zagat’s of hospitals.

26 chairs in my living room

I’m not going to remember any of that or care about any of that when I look at the pictures and the videos of the piano recital we held in our living room in 2009.

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