What's Up, Doc? Not My Kid. I Swear!

What's Up Doc? Not my kids. Really...

What's Up Doc? Not my kids. Really...

I will not let my son into the yard.

I won’t let him kick a soccer ball, ride a bike or run around.

On this beautiful summer day, I want him inside, on the couch, watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.

And it’s driving us both crazy.

While most moms are likely urging their kids to go outside to play, I am trying desperately to keep mine inside at least for a few more days.

After my son suffered from a hyphema, blood pooling in his eye (yes, it’s as horrifying as it sounds), from a soccer ball injury two weeks ago, he missed school and baseball and soccer and the 4th grade band recital. But nothing has proved harder for him than missing out on summer, especially after a month of rain and an exceptionally long school year, thanks to construction that started the year off late.

Besides, my kids aren’t the sit-around-and-watch-TV types. Rather, they’re the build-a-fort-have-a-water-fight-strap-a-sled-to-a-skateboard types. They’re the Little Rascals in Old Navy shorts and sunscreen. And it’s hard to contain that kind of energy.

As per the doctor’s orders, they watch hours and hours of Bugs Bunny cartoons and some Jetsons and an occasional Tivoed Mythbusters while the sun shines through the picture window and across the TV screen.

Now and then, they escape to the homemade arcade they put together in the basement yesterday, complete with bean bag toss and pinball game. (I won 115 points!) I let it go for a while, hoping it’ll burn off nervous energy without stirring up the blood in his eye. And then I send him to the couch again while he groans.

We head back to the opthalmologist on Thursday, when we’re hoping and praying that he’ll get the all clear for the 4th of July weekend. Then we’ll put away the Bugs Bunny DVDs until the first sick day of next winter, and I’ll cash in my arcade points for The Jetsons: Season 2, Volume 1.

And that’s all folks. I hope.

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