Looney Tunes — Keeping Us Sane

On this Sunday, a day of rest, I would like to thank the Lord for the Looney Tunes – Golden Collection, 411 minutes of classic Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and more. Because around here, Sunday isn’t the only day of rest.

Since my little soccer player suffered an eye injury during his game two weeks ago, he has missed seven days of school, including the last two days of the school year this week. He suffered from a hyphema, when blood pools in the front of the eye — and mom races him to the ER.

When he announced shortly after the game in which an opponent had kicked a ball directly into my son’s face that things were “getting blurry,” I held up my hand and asked him, “How many fingers?”

“Uh, two?” he asked like he was guessing an answer on Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

“Get in the car,” I ordered after a quick Google search, which confirmed what I had suspected: Time was of the essence.

Since then, he has had numerous drops and numerous visits to the pediatric ophthalmologist’s office, where, it seems, they own two movies: Madagascar  and Madagascar 2. (As a result, we no longer like to “move it, move it.”)

This week, when the pressure in his eye was still dangerously high, he got an ultimatum from the doctor: Stay home and do nothing but watch TV or end up having surgery.

As a result, we have watched about 40 of the 56 episodes of Looney Tunes and all four discs of classic Jetsons, twice.

We have also played umpteen games of his version of Pokemon, figuring it requires very little reading and almost no moving, except for the Rocks, Paper, Scissors part. As a result, I am beginning to understand Pokemon. I also understand that the game is rigged so I can’t win.

But at least I have Bugs Bunny.

On Friday, my son’s eye pressure was back to normal. He wouldn’t need surgery after all. Phew!

Still, his doctor said he would have to spend two more days doing nothing. Naturally, that’s when the sun, which hasn’t shone in about five weeks, came out. But we don’t care. We have Bugs and Pokemon and the whole summer ahead of us. Thank God.

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