SpongeBob at the Gas Station

Fill it up and Oh! And gimme a Baby Boop doll.

Fill it up and Oh! And gimme a Betty Boop doll.

What does it say about America that we sell SpongeBob pillows and Betty Boop dolls at our gas stations? Who pulls into the station, thinking I’m low on gas. And hey! I need a Dora the Explorer pillow! How convenient!

Somehow this must play into our current financial crisis. Sub-prime loans, derivatives and Hello Kitty dolls next to the Supreme Unleaded tank.

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  1. admin

    But everyone KNOWS they got it at the gas station! Right, Jamie?

    “Happy birthday! I got you a SpongeBob pillow and a can of Castrol.”

  2. Jamie Novak

    The other day for the first time EVER I watched someone buy one of these!

    I chalked it up to them being on the way to a birthday party with no time to stop at a store.

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