The Summer Break Rules, According to Mom

Here are 5 Summer Break Rules, according to Mom:

  1. Do not treat the garage floor like a Sports Authority store during a 70% off sale.
  2. Open your bedroom shades. This is not the Bat Cave or Lyndsay Lohan’s hotel room after a bender.
  3. Regular showers are required — and, no, your five-yard Super Soaker fight doesn’t count.
  4. Wet swimsuits do not go into the hamper. Or the carpet. Or the wood floor. Or the garage floor with the Super Soakers, three hockey sticks, a baseball helmet and Mom’s brand new tennis balls, which are likely covered in wet mulch.
  5. All of your exposed skin requires sunscreen, not just your nose and your knees and whatever else you can reach quickly while running out the door.

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