Sick Day #2: Haagen Dazs and Speed Racer

My son is eating Haagen Dazs and watching Speed Racer episodes. The boy knows how to do a sick day. Good thing, too, because he’s in for a whole bunch of sick days this week.

He’s home this week on “bed rest” (a.k.a. playing his Nintendo DS on the couch in yesterday’s sweats), because he suffered an eye injury at his soccer game on Sunday. Apparently, the eyeball cannot kick a soccer ball, even when an opposing player tries to see if yours can.

So far, he hasn’t complained that he’s bored. But then, he’s got Haagen Dazs and Speed Racer. How can you get bored with that? Or with hours and hours of Pokemon battles? And with half the kids out of school with influenza and nothing but rain, rain, rain, rain around here, he knows he’s not missing much, anyhow.

Adults could learn a lot from my son. When we grown-ups take “sick days,” all too often we spend them checking e-mail, catching up on laundry and generally doing all the stuff we normally do, only more slowly and with wads of tissues in our pockets.

But the next time you’re sick, stock up on the ice cream (dark chocolate covered vanilla bean pops) and the Speed Racer (or more likely, Tivoed Real Housewives of New Jersey) episodes, and do what my son is doing: Take a sick day. A real sick day. It just might make you feel better.

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